Welcome to SIMPLE Science!


The goal of the Simplified Image Management and Processing Learning Environment for Science (SIMPLE Science) project is to help overcome barriers to use of image processing and analysis (IPA) in K-12 classrooms by:

  • making IPA accessible to mainstream educators and the public as an easy-to-use learning tool,
  • providing educator access to extensive and updateable archives of imaging data, and
  • designing a pedagogical structure that helps educators use imaging data in a manner that
  • supports attainment of specific national education standards for middle school education.

SIMPLE Science

SIMPLE consists of a three-tired structure that scaffolds students' use of image processing and analysis (IPA) from basic explorations of how imaging is used in various fields of science to developing lessons from an archive of images and data housed on the SIMPLE server.

Tier 1 is a video tutorial that showcases imaging research.
Tier 2 features 15 new and updated activities from CIPE's materials.
Tier 3 includes

  • "Further Exploration" opportunities for each lesson, including additional images for discovery and research,
  • an "Independent Discovery" link, which provides information and links to deeper investigation into image processing,
  • the SIMPLE Science downloadable pedagogical template, LessonAide, so that teachers can develop their own lessons, using the Understanding by Design model of Wiggins and McTighe (1998) structure, and
  • an archive of the "Further Exploration" images, so that teachers can incorporate them into their personal lesson plans.